I'm passionate about working with adults and adolescents who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and perfectionism. As women, we are often faced with pressure to play small or diminish our own experiences.Yet, we have so much untapped power. I believe that as we are given the space to be seen, heard and respected for exactly who we are in therapy we can begin to embody more of our own power.


As a mental health counselor and dance/movement therapist, I believe that exploring the mind and body relationship is the starting point for reconnection, self-awareness, and change. After all, we experience our lives through our bodies while our minds create the narrative to our experience; why wouldn't we incorporate both? 

Growth looks different for everyone. As a therapist, I aim to support you in allowing your experience to unfold as you feel ready. As we work together, it is my goal  to create an accepting, non-judgmental, compassionate, and creative place for your mind and body to land.



I grew up in a western culture where historically, dance/movement is not an integral component of self-discovery as it is in so many non-western cultures. My original cultural framework left me with questions and curiosities about my experience and eager to explore how to incorporate movement into the healing journey. As this curiosity grew, I decided to pursue a BA in Dance and a BA in Psychology at the University of Montana. I then earned an MA in Dance/movement Therapy & Counseling at Drexel University in Philadelphia. 


Academia was one way I explored my curiosity; experience is another. I continue to experience and learn movement practices from many cultures to honorably expand and inform my personal and professional practice. I also integrate my experiences of being a daughter, sister, aunt, dancer, lover of the earth's gifts, and outdoor recreator into aspects of my work as a therapist. I must show up just as authentically to the work as I am asking of you and I look forward to taking this journey alongside of you.


I dedicate my practice to exploring how verbal and nonverbal forms of expression can support our minds, bodies, and spirits.

​I'm an LPC Registered Intern working toward state licensure in Oregon. I'm supervised by Kristen Genzano and Mariah LeFeber.