Hi! I’m Caroline. 


I’m passionate about working with individuals (adolescents and adults) who are struggling with the belief that they are “not enough” or “unloveable” or “need fixing.” Oftentimes these are messages my clients have gotten from other people in their lives. Sadly, these messages often lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and the constant struggle to be perfect. 


As a therapist, my aim is to support you in allowing your own experience to unfold as you feel ready. I work to create an accepting, non-judgmental, compassionate, and creative place for you to explore and get to know parts of yourself that may not have been welcomed or accepted before now.


In addition to traditional talk therapy, I’m trained in Dance/Movement Therapy. Through my own experience with dance and movement, I’ve explored first-hand the profound ways the mind and body relationship can lead to reconnection, self-awareness, and change. For many of us, exploring our emotional world through our mind-body experience allows us to grow more connected with our true selves.



I hold an MA in Dance/movement Therapy & Counseling from Drexel University in Philadelphia and a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and in Psychology from the University of Montana.


While academia was one way I explored the mind-body healing connection, experience is another. I continue to experience and learn movement practices from many cultures to honorably expand and inform my personal and professional practice. 


I’m a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a dancer, a lover of the earth's gifts, and an outdoor recreator. 


I'm a Professional Counselor Associate working toward state licensure in Oregon. I'm supervised by Kristen Genzano and Mariah LeFeber.

I dedicate my practice to exploring how verbal and nonverbal forms of expression can support our minds, bodies, and spirits.