I believe everyone has the capacity for growth and transformation, however, it takes courage to acknowledge our vulnerabilities. Counseling offers a space to explore fears and anxieties, and reconnect with a sense of agency and trust within ourselves.


We are our biggest advocates, just as much as we are our harshest critics. By examining unproductive thought patterns, we can foster empathy and understanding toward ourselves and our actions. We can learn to refocus on what’s important and reconnect with what lights us up. All too often, our inner voice can become muted by life’s expectations and external pressures. By exploring the noise and attuning to our inner worlds where we can begin to cultivate growth and a more integrated sense of self. 









I’ve always been fascinated by the power of human connection. Taking a leap of faith, I decided to leave my career at Nike to follow my passion for bringing people together. I founded an agency that supports clients in their journey to creating new relationships. In my role as a dating and relationship coach, I saw first-hand the transformative nature of a supportive and meaningful relationship. Following a desire to cultivate more forms of healing and growth for my clients,

I’m a student therapist attending the masters in counseling psychology program at Northwestern University.

I'm supervised by Kristen Genzano.