February 26, 2019

Self-compassion is the practice of turning toward yourself in difficult times and offering yourself the same gentle kindness you would offer a dear friend.  Many people confuse self-compassion with self-pity or self-esteem. In this segment of Afternoon Live, I talk about what sel...

March 21, 2018

The path to being a Childfree Woman is not always direct.  If you're in the process of deciding to have children or not, you can experience a sense of "outsiderness" from your friends and family.  It can be difficult to find a safe place to explore your personal journey toward or...

March 19, 2018

Each woman has a different story about her decision to have children or not.  For some, the decision was made for her due to physical circumstances; but for those that have the experience of making an intentional choice, the process can be emotionally, psychologically, and interp...

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